Concert RULES ~ !!!! (please read)

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Concert RULES ~ !!!! (please read) Empty Concert RULES ~ !!!! (please read)

Post  Manami on Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:52 am

Concert RULES ~ !!!! (please read) TaNoshiiProjectConcert2009HaruDream

Konnichiwa Minna san ~~

as you know all of you that we are going to start a concert like some group did and doing concert isn't easy
so, I'll put some rules and if you can't follow it then YOU ARE OUT ~!!!!!

1* learn the sing very well before recording ~ !!!
2* Lines should be given in time or someone will cover and YOU'LL BE OUT! and I'll not remind anyone of her lines I'll straight kick her out
3* Use you're power in singing and sleep well XDD
4* If I tell you something you MUST obey !!
5* All MC well be by group leaders ONLY, but if I needed someone else I'll tell you
6* All mixing will be done by me but if you could help me making instrumental its Ok ^^
7* All Lyrics will be color codes by me
8* who'll do solos must be sure to sing the song very well

Thanks everyone for reading ~ and if we work in order we'll be for sure the best group
Hope you'll have fun doing the concert ~ !!

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